Case Story Interview DEC-East Region

“We have been Starving for weeks with no food on our table”– Mrs. Wagma a 30 years old mother of eight in Surkhrod district of Nangarhar.

Caption: Mrs. Wagma with her daughter have received their food + hygiene package from (OCHR/CAID) in Nangahar province, Eastern Afghanistan. Credit – OCHR

Project Name: Preparedness and Resilience to Address the Impact of C19-Suppot IDP Ccommunities in Nangarhar. (DEC).

Donor Organization: Christian Aid-Afghanistan.

Implementing Partner: OCHR (Organization for Coordination of Humanitarian Relief).

Date and Address: Dec 29, 2021 (Moy Mubarak village in Surkhrod district, Nangarhar-Afghanistan).

East Region Nangarhar- Afghanistan:

Caption: Distribution point of OCHR East Region Nangarhar-Afghanistan, OCHR staff in Blue uniforms.

All answers provided by the beneficiary are recorded as direct quotes with extra supporting documents (Photos).

Mrs. Wagma one of the local residents of shamshapoor village in Surkhrod district, who is faced with acute food malnutrition/harsh conditions. Being a mother of eight children she is very happy with receiving the OCHR/CAID nutrition and hygiene kits (aides). She has answered to some of our questions as follows;

1. What is your name and age? (children, social and economic profile)

 Answer 1: My name is Wagma daughter of Zarjan. I’m 30 years old, and I have Eight Children. Including four boys and four Girls, we are a poor family my husband is ill and we are all working in the brick kiln with less than 60AFN income per day.

2. What is the name of the village where you live?

Answer 2: I live in Shamshapoor Village in Adam Khil (Surkhrod District of Nangarhar Province).

3. Please describe the difficulties you are facing?

Answer 3: Living with the crises We have faced serious problems recently, having no shelter, blankets, or any warm clothing for the upcoming cold winter we suffer acute food insecurity and my husband work in Bricks kiln. Although he is very ill, recently the brick kilns have stopped working leaving us with no incomes for weeks.

4. How does that make you feel?

Answer 4: We live under stress with a fear of death from hunger/harsh conditions. We were completely hopeless and worried for the upcoming months and winter. Still we want a good life, and we have hopes for the humanitarian society to help us and provide us our humanitarian rights.

5. Are you concerned about/ affected by current situation, hunger, winter etc.? if yes, why and how:

Answer 5: Yes! We had a normal life before, but now as the recent political changes have affected all parts of the society. My husband is jobless and all the prices for goods, groceries, and merchandize have raised 4 folds. And we have a big family and could not afford even one-time food per a day.

6. How have you been trying to support your family in these difficult times?

Answer 6: I am an illiterate house wife I can’t Support my family and I did not, because I’m Sick.

I have borrowed money from Neighbors, we can only eat One – two meals per day instead of three in 24 hours.

7. How have you helped your family in this critical situation?

Answer 7: I sold my house stuff and furniture’s that we not needed urgently, Such as: – Bed, Cupboards, Carpets and etc…

8. How has the project helped?

Answer 8: Yes! We are really thankful to OCHR/CAID for their aids, may God bless them and everyone else who supports and helps the poor with receiving these kits (Food-hygiene) in this critical situation we found some things for eat and our family will survive next few months at least.

9. What do you expect from the Humanitarian Society (NNGOs-NGOs) and humanitarian aid providers “I mean what kind of assistance”?

Answer 9: We are faced with economic crises and the people of community will soon experience a humanitarian disaster. I on behalf of all women in our community, I am requesting the international community to help us with further food aides, non-food items, hygiene kits, and awareness programs.

10. What’s your hopes for future?

Answer 10; We hope for better food, employment opportunities, and we want regular humanitarian aides from the international humanitarian community to kindly help us, and families like us with Food and Non-food aides.


Interviewer: Mrs. Nazia

Interviewee: Mrs. Wagma.

Translator: Ahmad Taha