The areas alongside riverbanks located between Pattin and Spin Jumat (Noor Gal and Sawki Districts) in Kunar province have many potential to be converted into productive land and recreation spots. Main objectives of the project are to conserve and recover the biodiversity and environment of Kunar river bank and enhance conservation and friendly livelihoods of the local people by promotion of fruit and non-fruit trees and other economically valuable plants’ species.

Through this project, environmental protection committees-EPC are established to deliver community awareness raising programs (Established on district level, 10 Members). community sustainable development initiatives are supported through plantation programs within the selected river bank areas (6000 trees Planted). Promoted sustainable water management and environmental technologies (Water Tank with a capacity of 59000 litter with water head of 65m height Constructed, and Solar Panels with 3Kw installed. Baseline and end line survey conducted. Developed and supported nurseries, produce seedling of the fruit and non-fruit trees. Developed and supported MAPs nurseries. Community based users groups are established and trained on nursery management. Coordination meetings with relevant stakeholders are held on continues basis.