The proposed project supported 225 vulnerable returnee households having 1761 individuals through distribution of basic food packages in Khas-Kunar district of Kunar province. Food production in Kunar, is constantly affected by natural disasters and pests, and nearly 16.2 % of the population suffer from acute malnutrition, which, according to UNOCHA, exceeds emergency levels. UNODC documented a 28 % increase in poppy cultivation in Kunar in 2017. A total of 100,622 (returnees) and 58,595 (IDPs) are living in Kunar province. Khas Kunar district is located to the South side of the Kunar River, 38 Km from the center of Kunar. The population of the district is 36,348 and a total of 11,211 (returnees) and 3,767 (IDPs) are recorded in the district.

Households targeted through this project consist of both recently arrived and those repatriated earlier with acute malnutrition.