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Supporting Returnees in Meeting Their Basic Food Needs

The proposed project supported 225 vulnerable returnee households having 1761 individuals through distribution of basic food packages in Khas-Kunar district of Kunar province. Food production in Kunar, is constantly affected by natural disasters and pests, and nearly 16.2 % of the population suffer from acute malnutrition, which, according to UNOCHA, exceeds emergency levels. UNODC documented

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Humanitarian Assistance in East Zone

The project is implemented in Khas Kunar district of Kunar province. In total 100 households (both IDPs and returnees) benefited from the project. To ensure that the most vulnerable members of the IDPs and returnees households receive relief assistance, the following selection criteria was considered.     Newly arrived IDP and returnees households IDP

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Kunar River Bank Forestation for Water Conservation and Improved Livelihood

The areas alongside riverbanks located between Pattin and Spin Jumat (Noor Gal and Sawki Districts) in Kunar province have many potential to be converted into productive land and recreation spots. Main objectives of the project are to conserve and recover the biodiversity and environment of Kunar river bank and enhance conservation and friendly livelihoods of

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CASE STORY ERDRR-East Region Dec 29, 2021

Case Story ERDRR-East Region "We will soon face a disaster” – Bibi, a 40-year-old widowed mother of 10 in Nangahar Caption: Bibi and her family in their home in Nangahar province, Eastern Afghanistan. Credit: OCHR Project Name: Preparedness and Resilience to Address the Impact of C19-Suppot

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CASE STORY DEC-East Region Dec 29, 2021

Case Story Interview DEC-East Region "We have been Starving for weeks with no food on our table"– Mrs. Wagma a 30 years old mother of eight in Surkhrod district of Nangarhar. Caption: Mrs. Wagma with her daughter have received their food + hygiene package from (OCHR/CAID) in Nangahar province, Eastern Afghanistan. Credit

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CASE STORY ERDRR-East Region Dec 16, 2021

Case Story ERDRR-East Region "We are worried we won’t survive the winter"– Sharifa, a 30-year-old mother of six in Nangahar Caption: Sharifa sits with her family outside their home in Nangahar province, Eastern Afghanistan. Credit – OCHR Project Name: Emergency Assistance and DRR Support to

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CASE STUDY Hunger Appeal North-East Region Jan 30, 2022

Case Study Hunger Appeal North-East Region “We are displaced due to recent conflicts our life is at risk, and we are affected by the recent economic disaster” says Mr. Wali Mohammad a 42 years old man with 9 children in Kunduz Province. North east zone Afghanistan. Caption: Mr. Wali

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