CASE STORY ERDRR-East Region Dec 29, 2021

Case Story ERDRR-East Region "We will soon face a disaster” – Bibi, a 40-year-old widowed mother of 10 in Nangahar Caption: Bibi and her family in their home in Nangahar province, Eastern Afghanistan. Credit: OCHR Project Name: Preparedness and Resilience to Address the Impact of C19-Suppot

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CASE STORY DEC-East Region Dec 29, 2021

Case Story Interview DEC-East Region "We have been Starving for weeks with no food on our table"– Mrs. Wagma a 30 years old mother of eight in Surkhrod district of Nangarhar. Caption: Mrs. Wagma with her daughter have received their food + hygiene package from (OCHR/CAID) in Nangahar province, Eastern Afghanistan. Credit

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CASE STUDY Hunger Appeal North-East Region Jan 30, 2022

Case Study Hunger Appeal North-East Region “We are displaced due to recent conflicts our life is at risk, and we are affected by the recent economic disaster” says Mr. Wali Mohammad a 42 years old man with 9 children in Kunduz Province. North east zone Afghanistan. Caption: Mr. Wali

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