Emergency Response

Afghanistan during the last four decades has endured a devastating conflict and frequent natural disasters like flooding, earthquakes and avalanches taking a toll on the children and vulnerable communities of Afghanistan. The emergencies has made the children more vulnerable to malnutrition, disease and violence.

The multifaceted situation in the country with immense insecurity necessitates increased humanitarian needs, with each day passing. The IDPs who find it difficult to return native communities create new demands of services, as they require new setup of living and livelihood both for IDPs and host communities.

Despite of insecurity, which hampers the access to reach IDPs, returnees, and people affected by the disasters, OCHR reaches the mentioned population having applied its localized approaches—making it possible to provide children, women and marginalized communities affected by emergencies with safe water and sanitation, psychosocial support, nutrition and protection.

OCHR is active member of WASH, ES/NFI and FSAC clusters, which ensures essential coordination and mechanisms in emergencies and crises i.e. to support partners to plan and response effectively and make population to recover from emergencies.